Ethics is a fundamental branch of philosophy seeking to determine the proper course of action for people.  It attempts to provide an answer to the questions ‘what ought I do?”  Speaking of Ethics, the Philosopher Socrates said what we are talking about is how one should live.  Ethics, then, is a requirement for human life, helping us to determine what sort of person each of us should strive for.

The scope of the coursework and discussions includes decision-making and challenges relating to information sources services in all formats and media.  Designed for university students, this course is demanding and highly interactive in nature.  Students must be willing to adopt the following cultural norms: participation in all classes, diligent reading of the required texts, open-mindedness, reflection, intellectual curiosity, the careful preparation and on time presentation of assignments, clear communication, humility and most especially, the willingness to learn.

This course is broken in two sections.  The first part comprises of discussions on the different moral theories of ethics offered by philosophers such as the Utilitarian and others.  Part two consists of the application of these theories in modern everyday challenges.